I Man Si

I Man Si






I treat each piece of work as journey. I love the random nature of making work and the unpredictability of the outcome. I always prefer my work in bright color and simple shape. My work doesn’t have any particular meaning, it come out of with fun or subconscious. To create characters with different personality is interested. My audience will become emotionally involved with them. I think it is not important about what I want to say, It is about how people think/feel of them. I think making my own character is really cool, as I I’ve be able to touch it and taking photos of it. When I put the character in different place it gives the character life, these pictures telling different stories continuously.

I think I’m going to make some sculpture about carousel pony with different characters. Setting up the characters as various styles. For example, Chinese blue-and-white porcelain horse, African style horse and Punk Horse, etc. I think it would be interesting. Painted pony was the vanishing antique treasure, and I think joyous carousel rekindles wonderful childhood memories. Created at the hand of immigrant craftsmen, this dazzling art form has entertained, thrilled and fascinated generations. I want to create the character carousel pony to make a strong contrast to the normal one.