Marjaana Heiniö

Marjaana Heiniö






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My contribution to the show is a discussion on domestic violence. I feel that a more sincere and spontaneous approach is necessary to achieve an outcome that adequately describes the situation and portrays the subject matter in an honest light. I’ve chosen to only produce work that comes from real emotional responses that are not designed for an audience. The project is a journey to understand and uncover my experiences and feelings around the topic in a manner that can sometimes be crude or explicit, but always aims to be honest and without pretense.

As an artist, I prefer to not stick with one medium, but to immerse myself in as many as I can. I like to learn, and draw much of my material from discovery and exploration. I get excited easily and can on occasion bore people by excessively talking about the things that interest me. I like to shoot big. One day I’m going to help create the Ulysses of video game titles.