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Abbey Cook

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Through the medium of drawing I have explored a range of sensations by illustrating animals and food together. Combining the two can be a touchy subject, however I have explored a different avenue, by covering everything in my drawings with fur, this challenges the viewers on the subject of my illustrations. Some of the drawings are unusual in a grotesque way, whilst the others are different because the composition does not make sense.  There is a mix of feelings as you explore the pages and delve deeper into the strange surreal-ness as you go through.

The drawings have been collected into a book titled ‘ A-Paw-tion’. The book is divided up into three sections, starter meals, main meals then a drinks and afters section. These sections structure the illustrations in a way, which allows the viewer to associate the work with a food menu.

The book is designed so that when you go through each section, there slowly becomes more and more fur, so that eventually everything is consumed by it,

making them unsure on how they feel. As the illustrations are delicately drawn, this makes them almost realistic, which allows imagining eating the food even more imaginable, adding to the feeling of repulsion.

The initial drawings lead you to believe that what you are looking at is a pleasant book on the subject of animals and food, this appears as a mundane subject.

However when I introduce taking a daily activity that most people enjoy, and turning into something strange and repulsive, this then explores the sensations that we as people have towards food.

Food is something that can indulge our sensations into, yet that sensation can be so quickly reverenced when introducing something unfamiliar with it, that being fur.

When our food has been changed or tampered with, this so quickly repulses our feelings towards imaging the sensation. The book is almost torturing our sensations on our memories towards that particular food items.