George Okello

George Okello

My work focuses on addressing societal issues through engaging the voices of normal people, presenting these stories through mediums such as documentary filmmaking and photography.

I primarily work using lens based media, though I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty with the print based side to illustration.

I take a lot of inspiration from my interactions as a first generation Black British citizen growing up in London. Being raised in a city so ethnically diverse allowed me to consider how many cultural groups function within society, and as a result my work became very socially conscious, informed by the personal relationships I had established throughout my years in education and as an artist.


I aim simply to explore the power of voice through my practice.

I do not believe in producing silent work.

I want to utilise my unique position as an artist to bring people together.

By producing considered work I hope to break down the apprehension present in society because of a lack of cultural understanding. By utilising art’s power of communication I aspire to produce work that speaks on humanities hushed subjects. Through my efforts I hope to give those less favoured in society the courage to finally find their voice.