Jess Underwood

Jess Underwood





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I enjoy all things to do with writing, drawing, cutting, sticking, sewing, painting, filming, doing, making and being. My work is influenced by playing and exploring. I am fascinated by the thoughts and imaginations of young people and hope to work with them in the future.

I draw everyday and this means that my work is highly informed by daily, real life events and while they can be interpretations of happy, sad or funny memories, I aim to deliver the ideas in abstract styles. I strive to constantly discover new ways of thinking and I do this by exploring the colours, shapes and patterns around me.

I am a hoarder with many collections. I find it very difficult to throw things away and it is also tricky for me to make work without making horrific mess alongside it. My materials and colours tend to spread throughout the rooms that I work within and I plan to one day make clothes so that people can wear these colours that I like so much.