Josh Rodrigues

Josh Rodrigues




Over the course of my 3 years at university my works has changed dramatically. Coming from an fine art background, I found myself becoming much more interested in digital art, animation and typography. For my final project I looked at the future of album covers  and the representation of music visually. I felt that album covers have not progressed into the modern age and where still being designed for the vinyl market. So I decided it would be interesting too design album covers just for the digital market. This later progressed into audio-visual music videos.

Other areas I have have keen interests in are typefaces.  I have made 2 typefaces. One modular which you can see here, that was laser cut and another typefaces which was heavily inspired by the Bauhaus. Moreover other areas of my work are highly abstract, influenced by the natural formations and patterns I often look at natural setting for influence in my work.

Overall I have found myself to be a very keen animator, whereby the majority of my work for third became digitalised and animated and Im interesting in pursuing this interest further.