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Someone said, when he read the first illustration in my book 214 leaflet / Cheap Love. I appreciated the response because it is my purpose to bring out the bad feelings about romantic relationship. The sweet love can be disgusting when it goes wrong.

214 Leaflet / Cheap Love is about the romantic relationship. Obviously, it does not praise the positivity and warmth in romantic love.  I intend to show the negative side in the romantic relationship though my work while everyone is looking for hopes and positive energy. Since pains can help us see the facts clearer.

The leaflet of Valentine’s Day sales provides a frame of “cheap love” which contains all my paintings about negative feelings of romantic love.

1994 – is a book about family. My intention of making this book came from my personal experience. I found it is hard to respond when people ask me about my family, which is a complex and mixed feeling to me. And I would like to visualise it in a moderate and poetic way.

The illustrations in the book can be divided into two parts, one includes the pieces I did recently under the family topic and the other includes all the mono-prints in the book that are originally done when I was a kid. Two parts are mixed up to create a collide of calmness and hysteria. And it depicts the time and space intertwining, “parallel montage”, I call it. Those photos I manipulated having people without facial features but smiling mouths are used to show “smiling depression”. We are always asked and trained to wear smiling faces.

There are many metaphors made through the drawings, such as My Dad Watches Boxing Games Every Sunday Mornings. It is a short narration based on my impression of my dad watching boxing games. However, the boxing players in the illustrations are displaced with my parents and the ring girl is me in school uniform.

The cut-outs in the book are the “windows” separating me and my life with my family. I look though the “windows” and see the family as a bystander. Light comes through the “windows” and brightens some parts of the life, though makes the other even darker.

I enjoy producing works to express feelings through controlling the “tempo” and using contrasts. Personally, I treat things moderately. I like digging out interesting facts from monotonous life, like my ongoing project Home Gallery, regarding a stack of kitchenware in sink as Untitled Sculpture.

I make moving images as well as illustrations. I usually work with a wild variety of styles/materials/mediums that gives more possibility to different themed projects, whilst be able to pick the appropriate ones for the project I am doing. And I am willing to learn new things and techniques to serve the project and enrich my practice.