Alice Colfox

Alice Colfox

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Together it’s about

Acknowledging environments, places, people — what you see.

This dance collage explores theatre and movement, an expression of synchronicity,


                 telepathy… questions on others’ lips.

                 …illusive trails of intrigue with no conclusion…as together, you are some sort of optical illusion.

You guys share DNA? Can I take a picture by the way?

This short film is a view into the reality of identical twins.

It’s a sensitive topic actually…for me. I hope this video emphasises the theatre of life, shared visions and those characters that will dry out your eyes; the need to appreciate them be forever uncompromised.

For when we’re together its not about us, it about using the power of 2 to make good good stuff. But to do this the strength of the vision must be grand. Here is a little teaser to help understand, that there is big stuff at hand. and that is exciting.

Despite the challenge to represent twin life from the inside, I hope these words counteract and inspire the power of 2 sets of eyes